What the #BARREADDICTS have to say about us!

I have already referred you to my whole office and bragged about The Barre Studio on Facebook. It's such an efficient, friendly, clean atmosphere, handy location, with great instructors.

– Melanie

 Rated 10/10 @theBarre Studio is a great place for exercise and health. I just love these classes.

Performed by Kellie Blake

October 1, 2017

                          - Peter H


Rated 10/10 Great instructors, classes start on time, I love the great music. Studio is easy to get to. Liza is so invested in her clients!

Performed by Thana Buathong

September 10 2017

                         -Danielle K


Rated 10/10 Great and welcoming instructors, I mean it is hard not be enthusiastic, especially for an outnumbered male in the class, well done!

 Performed by  Annie Robin

July 27, 2017

                       - Peter C


Rated 10/10 Annie is great, I wouldn't go without her!

Performed by Annie Robin

June 7, 2017

                        - Rose S

Rated 10/10 Karen's sense of humour makes her classes total fun!  She brings a Zumba like feel to her classes and I really feel like a dancer @theBarre Studio. I dreamed about Wednesday and Thursday mornings when I was overseas :) and couldn't wait to return to class.

Perfrmed by Karen Daly

August 30 2017

              - Anna


I like the ease of booking a class, the great instructors and the clean, friendly studio environment but mostly the excellent total body workout you get from the classes. I'm hooked!

– Judy

Rated 10/10  Performed by Emily Tan

1. Very effective exercises (looks simple to do but very effective if done right) 
2. Great instructors who push you to your limits. 
3. Variety of programs to select from. 
4. Flexible payment options. 

                              - Edwin

Rated 10/10 I've been to a few barre classes at your studio and have enjoyed them all. I love that this was a core class and every exercise was for the core! The instructor was clearly explaining and helping each person correct their technique. He was funny, encouraging and personable and I will definitely be back next week!

Performed by Thana Buathong

July 29 2017 

                           - Jacqueline B

rated 10/10 This smiling assassin with a calm tone of voice will make you sweat and you'll actually enjoy the journey! Thanks for your awesome classes Carol!

Performed by Carol Molloy

 March 2 2017

                          - Lisa

Rated 10/10 Friendly instructors who take into account client experience, or lack there of! Great work out!

Performed by  Kimberley Mellows

February 27 2017

                          - Lucy K


10/10 I love Gosia's classes. She's friendly, professional and her classes are great! Perfect combination of a good workout and fun.

Also, when I asked the owner to extend my pass because I could not exercise because of burn injury, she did it for me out of the goodness of her heart. I will always be coming to this studio and am recommending it to all of my friends.

Keep up the great work!

Perfoprmed by  Gosia Starkman

April 2, 2017

                      -  Magdalena    



The classes are fantastic, the teachers really care about your form and are so helpful. I have trialled other studios in the CBD and they just do not compare to the quality of teaching at the Barre Studio

– Ana

Rated 10/10 Awesome instructors and great relaxed atmosphere!

Performed by Chelsea Edwardes

September 20, 2017           

                             - Jessica M


Rated 10/10 Lovely new teacher. The location is great, wonderful selection of classes. I like the ease of the booking classes website and constant emails with information and upcoming classes/ programs!

Performed by Erin Grace Holloway

September 3 2017

                           - Amelia

                                                                                                The instructors have great expertise with great articulation of every movement - the studio is very warm and welcoming.

Performed by Liza Kloeckner

June 9, 2017 

                             - Denise


Rated 10/10 Rachell takes me to my happy place! She is so talented and warm hearted I can't wait to get tomy Rose Bay classes each week!                                                                                                                                       Performed by Rachell Dade

September 26

                            - Haylee

Rated 10/10 Rachell was extremely welcoming and informative and made the whole class enjoyable from start to finish. Extremely professional and an asset to your company!

Performed by Rachell Dade

May 25 2017

                             - Anna M