Annisa started on her path to teaching with her own weight loss journey. She's been dancing RAD ballet since she was five years old, but during her teen years she kept putting on weight. It was her classes that gave her the motivation to start her 30kg weight loss journey. She went from the girl at the back of the class hoping no one would look at her, to seeing the value in what classes were doing for her and others. It was one of Annisa's greatest challenges to find her own inner confidence and love for herself. Embracing her passion for performance and the stage, Annisa wanted to take her whole experience to another level when it came to teaching! Annisa has her personal training Cert 3 & 4, passed Grade 4 RAD Ballet, trained in Booty Barre, and our own signature @theBarre programs. 

 Annisa loves teaching because she gets to help others find and grow their self-love and overcome their personal challenges, just like she did! Annisa says, "Each class is your choice, your time, your challenge. You are not here to impress me or the person next to you. This is a positive commitment you are making to your day and your life. Let’s find the enjoyment in it together. Anything is possible and you are capable of all possibilities! This isn’t just a “workout” - this is going to be an extension, journey and discovery of your inner strength, whatever level you are starting at... that is beautiful and life affirming!" 

And if you've ever done a class with Annisa and wondered why she's just so funny, it's because she's also a professionally trained actor, filmmaker and comedian. Keep an eye out for her in theatre performances and for her empowering female focused Stand Up show!