Have you been to FIRST BASE?

Who are you?  

Ali Cotton

What is your job title?  

Designer and Director of First Base

How did your business come about?  

It was a natural evolution for me from my previous role in fashion / design. I’m a do-er. I generally don't think deeply into things too much, if I want to do something I just begin the process with the most logical steps I can work out and then let it grow from there. 

Most rewarding part of your job?  

Working with a great crew of girls and creating stuff we all really believe in. Im super lucky because I love work way too much!

What is your top tips for a healthy, happy life?  

Balance. If you work hard make sure you play hard too! 

What are you reading right now?  

Jay-z’s Decoded and Just Kids by Patti Smith. Great reads.

What are you listening to?  

Flume and Drake.

What is your favourite app?  

Squaready for cropping images for socials! Other than that I hardly know how to use apps! 

What’s on the bucket list?  

Surf the coast of Mexico with my assistant Emma Young.

3 things you can’t live without?  

Sun, Beach and Hampson (my husband)

If you could offer your 13 year old self some wisdom, what would it be?

A few things …  Nothing gets easier, you just have to get wiser! And everything is temporary. AND my all time favourite saying that my father taught me, Your first no is your best no. I love that one and it’s very very true. 

What did you eat yesterday?? No cheating!! Hahah!

I try to cook a lot so its generally relatively healthy. But yesterday was porridge with half a banana and an almond chai for breaky. Moroccan eggplant stuffed with tomatoes and heaps of fresh herbs for lunch. A bean brownie ( yeah made from black beans… its tastes nowhere near as good as a real brownie but hey ) and a protein shake in the arvo. Salmon and broccoli for dinner. And a glass of milk before bed! If you asked me that question on Friday it would have been answered a lot differently with most of the food being replaced by vodka.

Fav place in Sydney?

That’s easy - Bondi

Where can we find you? 

www.thisisfirstbase.com, @thisisfirstbase @firstbasefit