Find out what the queen of the bedroom does in her spare time...(When she's not hanging with us of course)!

Who are you?

Im a chick who is incredibly passionate about helping women love themselves a little deeper, celebrate their bodies a lot more and experience out of this world orgasmic pleasure!


What is your job title? 

Creatress of Tara OLoveYourSexySelf


How did your business come about? 

I wanted to share the tools and teachings that saved my life. I thought that if I could help just one other woman who may have gone through similar stuff as I did, it would all be worth it.


Most rewarding part of your job? 

Receiving reach out emails. Whether its for advice, support or coaching, I recognise how much courage it takes to write that first email and I value them immensely.


What is your top tip for a healthy sex life? 

Without a doubt my number one tip is: Know Thy Self. You sexuality begins with YOU and the relationship you have towards your body, your pleasure and your beliefs around sex. Learn about your body, your desires and what turns you on. Its different for every woman. Become a sexy scientist of your own pleasure. Oh and never stop celebrating it!


What are you reading right now?

I read a lot. I read rather than watch TV. At the moment Im reading a hilarious book called The life changing magic of not giving a F**K’ by Sarah Knight. Its fantastic.


What are you listening to?

Damn it. I hate this question because it exposes one of my deepest secrets. I like country music. And right now Im listening to Keith Urbans new album. Ok now everyone knows!


What is your favourite app?

Headspace. Seriously I have put a billion people on to it. It makes meditation so easy. Try it out. The guy who does all the talking is called Andy. I love him. He is so soothing, I have an unhealthy obsession with him. Andy makes everything better.


Whats on the bucket list?

Can I change it to WHO is on my bucket list?

1- Jake Gyllenhaal

2 - Louis Theroux

3 - That hot Canadian Prime Minster.

I could keep going but the list gets weirder


3 things you cant live without?

1- Andys voice from Headspace

2 - My partners cooking

3- My Jade Egg. That little gem fills my days with such a rich sensuality! 


If you could speak to your 13 year old self and offer some wisdom, what would it be?

You are going to feel a lot of feels throughout your life Tara and not all of them are going to be awesome. But thats ok. Crying, sadness, anger theyre all just as valid as happiness, excitement and joy. Feel them all and dont go looking for ways to numb them out. Try hard to stay in your body and to be present. I love you.


What did you eat yesterday?? No cheating!!

Scrambled eggs on sprouted toast for breaky, leftovers for lunch (buckwheat pasta with chicken and veggies) and it was date night last night so we went out for some yummy Thai.


Fav place in Sydney?

My bed.


Where can we find you?

In my bed.....

Or , hanging out on Instagram and on Facebook

OR July 1st @ The Barre Studio for my latest, sexiest and most powerful workshop to date!  (book via our What's On page).