How to stay motivated when the weather sucks…

We're pretty blessed in Sydney to have some amazing summer weather… But with the winter chill approaching and a few wet days on the horizon, it's easy to fall off the Barre bandwagon. So, we've rounded up some excellent motivators to keep you keeping on with your classes over the next few months. (Yes, you!)

  • Go with a friend! It's much harder to chicken out when you know your friend will be there, waiting for you, saving you a spot… Bonus, you can go for a coffee together after, as if you needed an excuse!
  • Think about potatoes, or whatever your winter comfort food is. Now imagine eating them without worrying you'll gain a little winter insulation 'cause you worked your butt off in the studio. You can have your comfort food and eat it too!
  • Envision your instructor's sad face. Our instructors love seeing you - really! They are motivated and excited by your decision to rock up and work out with them. So, if you don't show up, it makes them a sad panda.
  • Don't be S.A.D! Seasonal Affective Disorder can hit some people in winter thanks to the cold, dreary weather. If you're one of those people, then exercise can be a great tool for helping to manage the symptoms and give you an energy boost!
  • It's a great temperature in the studio. And if the winter chill is still nipping at your toes, by the time you get moving it won't be! Also, think about all those fashion statements you can make at the barre - leg warmers are the coolest! High cut leotard over tights is completely optional, but encouraged if you're feeling it!
  • Future You will thank Past You for taking care of yourself so well! Whether you've set a goal to gain more muscle tone, lose some weight, keep your heart healthy or prioritising self care, Future You will look back and be thankful you made the small effort to go to class! Perseverance is key to good health and fitness after all!

Yep, we know you're convinced now. So go on, lock in some classes, put on your barre socks and feel the burn @theBarre. We can't wait to see you!