5 ways to stay motivated to workout over the holidays...

  1. Go early! Booking into a morning class means you’ve busted your Barre moves before your day gets crazy. You’ll feel more focused at work, and won’t get tempted to cancel as the stress of the day builds up, or those post-office hours champers begin to whisper seductively at you.

  2. Bring a buddy. Nothing keeps you motivated like knowing someone else will be suffering through those reps with you. The friends that sweat together, stay together… yeah that’s how the saying goes! PS. An @theBarre Gift Card also makes the best gift ;)

  3. Consider it your reward. One of the wonderful benefits of attending a boutique fitness studio is skipping the sweaty, smelly gym and instead coming into a beautiful environment to take care of your health and wellbeing. You deserve it!

  4. Stress buster! Looming deadlines, desperately needing to shop, clean the house, make up the guest room for your in-laws, your kids’ end of year concerts and award nights, holiday parties… yes, December is manic! That’s why you need your Barre classes to channel that stress into something productive - plus you never need to be in the mood, because it’s fun times as soon as you step into class!

  5. Stay in shape - you’ve worked hard for it all year! It’s not a good time to be your pants, what between all those gingerbread cookies, your aunt’s famous Christmas pudding, and those 84 Lindt balls you somehow managed to scoff over 3 weeks… uh, or was that just us? While it might not be a time to lose weight, it certainly is a good time to put some balance back into your lifestyle, and maintain all that tone and strength you’ve built!

BOOK A CLASS TODAY and experience a guilt-free holidays… well, except for when your mother-in-law gives you that look :P