All of our classes are designed to include beginners, intermediate and advanced options in every class!

                                                                        Offering variety in classes is a key to its success. This will change the shape of your body!  

Gain Without Pain

                                                                                                            Please check studio terms before starting your 1st class  




Introducing our new registered program BiiT! A uniquely challenging @theBarre twist on a HIIT class, Barre Intensity Interval Training is our new low impact, fast paced and increased heat barre class. Featuring a fusion of ballet, dance and gym movements that make the heart, lungs, and muscles stronger. Aerobic workouts increase the amount of oxygen in the blood to raise cardio fitness, burn the calories and contour the body. This class utilises the core while keeping you on your feet the whole class, no floor work needed. Come along and raise your heart beat, burn the calories and sweat it out to fun, fast paced music! Anyone can do this class no matter what level of fitness, or cardio strength you have, as classes can be taken at your own pace and your fitness levels increases with patience and practice. Created by our very own @theBarre dancer and owner Liza Gishen-Kloeckner, A freestyle class, @theBarre BiiT is refreshed constantly with new music, added moves and increased intensity to keep you motivated and on your toes!  Using small weights, balls, gliders, and bands we bring you a fun fuelled class that will have you coming back for more!


This program is one of our signature classes, and is designed to change the shape of your body! Anyone can do this class no matter what level of fitness, flexibility or strength you have. A uniquely different barre class featuring a fusion of controlled movements done to romantic music. It is a graceful, flowing, dynamic stretch, strength and tone combination class for enhancing flexibility, improving balance, and reinforcing the core to re-shape your body. But don't be fooled! When slower isometric movements are applied it intensifies the workout, targeting the fascia, and increasing strength in all areas of the body! Using yoga blocks, stretch bands and small balls you will be surprised at the intensity of this workout. You will learn and experience how we integrate Pilates fundamentals and yoga stretch techniques encourage long lean limbs without bulk, Gym workouts with small weights create bone strength and shape, Ballet and dance techniques gain stability, balance, endurance and tone and Pilates strengthens you from the inside out.  Through imaginative workouts that are updated on the quarterly to keep you stimulated and challenged you will feel like a poised dancer @theBarre. This is a Fitness Australia registered program and was created by our very own @theBarre dancer and owner Liza Gishen-Kloeckner.

@THE BARRE Amplify

This program is one of our signature class. Anyone can do this class no matter what level of fitness, flexibility or strength you have. A strong challenging low-impact, high-intensity cardio and strength workout to fun popular music using balls, weights, stretch bands and gliding discs as an added extra! Most important is the fun element! The music is great! You will learn expert technique to avoid injury, gain stamina and focus on endurance. Using balls, bands, weights and gliding discs as an added extra we really feel the burn! This timeless way of exercising will bring new vigour and energy, through imaginative workouts that are upgraded on the quarterly to keep you stimulated and challenged. This program will bring you definite body changes and desired results! This is a Fitness Australia registered program and was created by our very own @theBarre dancer and owner Liza Gishen-Kloeckner.

Great for: Full body workout includes arms, back, abs, cardio, FAT BURNING and  stretching

Footwear: Compulsory Grip Socks 

Pilates BARRE & Mat

A system of stretching and strengthening exercises bringing positive results for nearly a hundred years! Joseph Pilates, the founder, incorporated a series of core-based movements using your bodies resistance to heal and prevent injury, increase body awareness, improve posture, flexibility and balance. Create a more streamlined shape @theBarre by integrating these moves into the intensity off barre work. Anyone can exercise this way regardless of age or fitness level. Great for beginner, intermediate and advanced students and a wonderful choice for pregnancy.

Great for: Whole body workout with focus on core conditioning, strengthening, lower back

Footwear: Compulsory Grip Socks 

@theBarre Ballet

Has your childhood fantasy of being a ballerina morphed into a full blown obsession? This is the class for you! A gorgeous class for those who always wanted to try ballet or those who have a little more experience. Set in a friendly & relaxed atmosphere, we explore the technical elements and correct alignment of ballet basics while lengthening your muscles by incorporating a beautiful Pilates integration and flow. You will improve your posture, strengthen your core and tone your butt and thighs....of course! You will see just why those dancers create those strong inspiring bods!

Great for: Whole body workout includes abs, butt, thighs, lengthening

Footwear:Compulsory grip socks or ballet pumps

 Stretch & Release

Stretch & Release classes are a great way to improve the way you move and your flexibility, with some great muscle toning thrown in for good measure. We make use of resistance bands, looped bands, spiky balls and rollers to make things fun and challenging. Workouts that concentrate on eccentrics (lengthening muscles) are one of the most productive ways to prevent injury. You'll love bending and stretching to great music, targeting different muscle groups to help you move better and feel great.

The benefits are enormous! You'll find that it helps with relaxation and sleep and relieves tension that you accumulate sitting at your desk all day, while also mastering that all important mindfulness and body awareness….consider this your self-care session!

Great for: Whole body with a focus on flexibility, lower back, hips, legs and shoulders. This is excellent prehabilitation for those that engage in high impact exercise!

Footwear: grip socks compulsory


Barre Bums

An intense freestyle session of full body conditioning, focusing on sculpting you a pert butt. Here we work to lift, tighten, and tone your seat throughout the workout.  The class will mix up an additional intense thigh workout to sculpt the inner thighs, leaving them slender and sexy including squats and lunges for tone and strength.  We include crunches, oblique work, lower abdominal exercises, planks and fun imaginative moves that result in desired body changes and of course buns of steel!   Its a must do class! Loads of fun equipment used. Each teacher has an individual repertoire. 45-55 min butt blast. Beginners welcome! 

Great for: Targeting your butt but definitely includes abs, thighs and arms

Footwear: Compulsory Grip Socks 

Barre core

Get 'waisted' @theBarre! Join our strong, low impact Pilates based gym/Abs program. The greatest way to tone your tum and work on that one pack! Your core includes all muscles front and back from shoulders to hips and we know how to work it! Using bands, balls and weights, we target the abdominal core muscles using Pilates principals to create a flat belly and gorgeous shape. This fun workout concentrates on strength and form. Strong and streamlined is our goal, done to the beat of great music! A 45-55 min­ute high abs blast to burn away fat and leave you with toned, sculpted, sexy waistline. Its a must do class for both men and women - beginners welcome! Barre Core is not suitable for pregnant women.


Great for: The whole body with a focus on abdominal strength, spinal length & muscle contouring

Footwear: Compulsory Grip Socks


The Booty Barre Method is a revolutionary program that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga with fluid athletic intervals. This class was created by celebrity trainer Tracey Mallet. The Booty Barre class combines strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular endurance element. The method focuses on proper biomechanics with techniques for a safe and fun class that can be modified for any fitness level. 

Great for: Butt, thighs, arms, flexibility, all over body workout

Footwear: Compulsory Grip Socks 



Dance Warrior

Simple dance sequences are learned, and then applied straight away, along with cardio intervals, creating a balanced workout. A dance-inspired, music driven, stretch and strength class, a ‘prehab’ workout designed to prevent injury through appropriate movements. Channel your inner performer and rock your body with this modern- day fusion of movement and dance. Dance Warrior is set to great music that'll make it hard not to dance and have fun! Leave your inhibitions at the door for this fat burning, full body workout that will leave you dripping with sweat and laughing the whole way through class, and smiling for hours afterwards. (Rose Bay studio)  

Great for: Fun filled dance. Full body workout, cardiovascular strength

Footwear: Compulsory Grip socks

Body & flow

A fusion workout of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates that builds flexibility and strength, and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Incorporating great music to create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.  Begin the journey into a moving meditation that settles the mind and entices the body. 

A 55 min­ute class. The most delightful part of class is the 10 min meditation at the end in a tranquil music atmosphere.  


The perfect workout for everybody and every body! These days we are more likely to recharge our devices than recharge ourselves. Take the work out of workout, by rejuvenating your body. Yoga's healing system of theory has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. A combination of breathing exercises and physical postures, yoga is used to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve sleep. This is a serious dose of nourishment each time you enter a class leaving you feeling refreshed and new. We offer Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga practices.  Complete your week with the ultimate body/mind workout that challenges your body. The most delightful part of class is the meditation at the end in a tranquil music atmosphere, quietening your mind and ultimately leaving you floating on cloud nine. 

Great for: Whole body with a focus on flexibility, leg strength, lower back, abdominals and mindfulness & de-stress & prehabilitation for those that engage in high impact exercise!

Footwear: bare foot or grip socks optional 

BYO mat or use ours - we provide all the equipment.