Ellen Driscoll

Ellen started her love of movement as a little tot (ask her to see pictures of those Physical Culture ensembles, it’s worth it for the laugh) but found true passion for dance at the age of eight, taking up Ballroom & Latin Dancing. After competing for several years and taking her first steps into teacher training Ellen found Yoga and Pilates to assist with her dancing (and HSC stress!) and the rest, as they say, is history!

Aside from being trained in the @theBarre programs, Ellen is also the studio manager and works behind the scenes to help things run smoothly. She’s always happy to help you out in anyway she can.

“I love combining the dance element of moving to music with the benefits of the strength, flexibility and body awareness of Barre. Having rehabilitated from a two year long injury, I appreciate every chance to move my body without pain and am constantly learning so I can assist others to do that same.”