Emily tan

Emily’s love of fitness and wellness bloomed during her high school years where
she would practice online Pilates videos in her dorm room with friends. This new
found love for exercise and Pilates followed her to university, where she soon
discovered a passion for Barre. Emily undertook her intensive 150 hour teacher
training course.
Since then, Emily has immersed herself in the industry! Her warm and welcoming personality encourages a sense of community in her classes and in the studio. Emily loves an upbeat, fun, and energetic class to get you sweating and feeling great after. Her favourite workout is a cardio Barre class, as it tones the whole body while also getting the heart rate up! 
Emily loves to challenge her clients to push themselves out of their comfort zone, knowing they will be pleasantly surprised with their progress and achievements!
The best part about being a Barre instructor for Emily is connecting with all the lovely
and amazing clients. “It’s so rewarding when you are able to positively affect
someone else’s mood/day/self esteem. Nothing makes me happier than helping
someone feel better about themselves, uplifting their mood, and motivating
clients to get to where they want to be!"