What if I am pregnant, have not taken a barre class before, or out-of shape? Could this work for me? +

YES! The Barre Studio welcomes and encourages everyone – All ages, genders, and fitness levels. If you're pregnant, we ask that you have been active prior to your pregnancy and that you consult with and have consent by your physician that you are clear to exercise. Because moderate exercise during pregnancy and postpartum can help you feel healthy, happy, and fit, we are here to offer support during this exciting time in your life! If you are taking class for the first time, focus on the muscle contractions and smaller movements. Do not be afraid to let your muscles shake. Shaking is a good thing! It means muscle fatigue which will improve with your advancement in the technique and classes. Our instructors are here to help you through class, offer modifications, and answer any questions you may have.

What do I wear to class? +

Bare feet, workout pants and a singlet or t-shirt will get you ready to strengthen, tone, sweat and burn in no time! Keep away from shorts though as we will be stretching and lifting our legs and we want to keep it PG.

Do I need to bring anything to class? +

We will provide all the equipment necessary to have a great workout but you are encouraged to bring water and a towel.

How do I pay for my class? +

Either in the studio or online, however to guarantee your spot in the class, we recommend you book online.

Can I waitlist a class? +

Yes, we keep five names on our waitlist as we often have cancellations - you will receive an email if a space becomes available.

Is there a change room/shower/bathroom? +

We have 1 change room in the studio and a bathroom is located on our level. However there is no shower facility.

What if I need to cancel? +

Please log in and and cancel online. Unfortunately if you don’t attend, or cancel within 6 hours of the class start time, you will be charged for the class.

Which train station is closest? +

We are located smack bang in the middle of Wynyard and Town Hall stations. If it’s raining you can walk undercover the whole way from Town Hall.