Chelsea Edwardes

With a teaching background in Fitness, Yoga and Barre, it's fair to say that Chelsea loves exercise!

Growing up in a small town in WA, she had an active lifestyle from a young age, which included athletics, swimming, horse riding, dancing and team sports. Chelsea's teaching journey started when, after working in HR in a corporate environment for 5+ years, she could feel her fitness and mental health deteriorating from the long hours and high-stress environment. At that time, her main release was fitness - Chelsea thrived on Pilates, strength, spin and running - as well as the beautiful community her studio offered - to get her through the working week. The studio also offered yoga and barre - and after one class she was hooked!

Chelsea loved that Barre and yoga seemed to put less stress on her already stressed out body but still gave a killer workout! She was also drawn to the new connection with her body and mind; noticing subtle energies, tapping into emotions, and hearing philosophies that resonated with her in her day-to-day life.

After a life-reassess, Chelsea bit the bullet and completed her Yoga teacher training while still working full time, then shortly after, quit her full time job to become a student at the AIF - completing her Certificate III & IV in Fitness, and then shortly after, her Barre training. With her varied fitness background, she loves to create strong, fun, creative classes that educate clients, and challenge the body and the mind. She thrives on the energy of group classes and the endorphin kick of a good sweat  - and brings this to her classes.

Outside of teaching Chelsea is all about balance. She loves attending various classes to work out & draw inspiration from different movement patterns, exercise classes and instructors and also loves to spend time with family and friends. Think long beach days, coffee dates, road-trips, trying out new restaurants, travel, a good book and capping off the week with a juicy red wine!