Erin Holloway

It's mesmerizing to watch this inspiring instructor make the most beautiful shapes with her body! Erin's love affair with ballet began at the age of three in her first performance as a butterfly, and it's still going strong! She began her ballet training in Sydney in the Cechetti method, and then went on to study vocationally at the 'Royal Ballet School' in London, before joining the company. Exploration of new shores took her to 'The National Ballet of Sodre' in South America where she performed in some of her favourite classical ballets. Erin returned home to Sydney to study a certificate 3/4 in personal training and a Cechetti teaching diploma. We are so thrilled to have Erin's expertise at the studios!

Erin has a gorgeous, holistic approach to training, with a strong belief that through correct technique you can sculpt your body without punishing it beyond its limits and causing pain. She loves @theBarre as she says it creates a place for everyone to enjoy ballet and infused @theBarre classes. Erin says, " I think Ballet is an amazingly beautiful art form and a terrific workout for all ages and bodies! I can't wait to see you all in my classes!"