Kimberley mellows

Kimberley love for yoga began 12 years ago. With a passion for movement, and enjoying the challenge of getting her own body and others into beautiful, correct alignment and posture. This  stems from the discipline and love of classical ballet. Kimberley says 'I enjoys showing people the freedom and comfort they can achieve within their bodies, no matter what age or experience, and most importantly, feel good doing it. You must have fun whilst working up a sweat!'

Kimberley began to practice Yoga with dedication during her time in London, inspired by one of Madonna's yoga teachers, Kahti Goupil. The penny finally dropped, and the benefits of committed daily practice started to reveal themselves. "Yoga kept me sane during the recession and warm in London winters."

Kimberley spent a year at Bodymindlife Studios, learning the ins & outs of running a Yoga and Pilates studio, where she was inspired by the transformation of students. Under the guidance of world renown Yoga Instructors Simon Park and Noelle Connolly, Kimberley has completed her 200Hr Foundation Yoga Teacher Training, and Intermediate 50hrs, in 'The Art of Alignment and Assists". fabulous experiences  in your asana!
Dedicated Kimberley aims to always have the mind of a student, willing to learn new things and has already completed a BA. Applied Science, and studies in Nutrition, enriching her knowledge of health and wellbeing, which she now shares @theBarre with you.