Jayla Chintanaroj

Born and raised in Bangkok and partly in San Francisco, Jayla has always enjoyed dancing from a young age -  Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop! Jayla started Pilates when she was 19, and was instantly hooked on it’s significant benefits, especially for correcting posture and enhancing body awareness. After years of practice for herself, she trained in Singapore for Core Barre and Core Suspension (Pilates inspired TRX) when in her third year of university. She later received her anatomy, Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer I & II certificates in the United States. Jayla started her full-time teaching career in Bangkok, teaching private and group classes in Barre, Cardio, Suspension and Pilates Reformer classes. When she’s not teaching Barre and Pilates, she’s also done everything from weight lifting, Muay Thai, running and rock climbing. And that’s when she’s not working part-time as a translator in Thai, Spanish and Italian! What a wonder woman! 

Expect Jayla’s classes to feel almost like cross-training but with a ballet-inspired edge. Jayla knows that the body is smart and adaptive, and the only way to get stronger is to shake it up! She always stresses the importance of mind-body connection, and being engaged and focused on what muscles you’re working on. 

“It makes my day every time I see students' progress, and most importantly, knowing that they are content, confident and feel good about themselves and their bodies. I fully promote and encourage my students to appreciate and accept their bodies with a main goal of improving overall physical and mental health. It's all about being strong and functioning well in daily life. Barre bodies comes in all sizes and shapes. Come have fun and rock with what you got!” .