Retreat Terms & Conditions

Booking Policy

 1.1 A booking at @theBarre Retreat wellness retreat is confirmed when a non-refundable deposit of $500 AUS is paid.

1.2 If a booking is made three months in advance of the start date of the retreat the whole amount is required to confirm the place.

1.3 Guests must obtain full and comprehensive travel insurance to attend @theBarre retreats including, but not limited to, overseas medical expenses and evacuation, trip cancellation and force majeure events i.e. acts of God/Natural disasters/terrorism.

1.4 Every client must provide @theBarre Retreat with full insurance details at the time of final payment, along with a signed copy of the participation and liability waiver form. Failure to do so results in a cancelation of the booking and forfeiting the paid deposit.

1.5 Guests must be at least 18 years of age to attend @theBarre Retreat. Guests under 18 may be allowed to attend provided they are accompanied by a guardian 18+ years old and are approved by management.

1.6 By making payment of a deposit or full payment for any program at @theBarre Retreat, you are accepting @theBarre Retreat’s Terms and Conditions.

Payment Policy

 2.1 Payment must be received in full and must be made at least 90 days prior to the retreat commencement. If the retreat commencement date is less than 90 days, full payment is required to secure the booking. Failure to pay within this timeframe results in the deposit being forfeited and the place being resold.

2.2 The early booking discount only applies when full payment is received before the end of the early bird date.

2.3 Bank fees incurred by transferring money are the sole responsibility of the guest.

2.4 The guest is responsible to pay for all extra services not included in the selected package in cash, in the local currency or where facilities allow, credit card payments can be accepted.

Cancellation Policy

 Guest cancellation

 3.1 If a guest cancels the booking, @theBarre Retreat will not issue a cash, cheque or credit card refund for any reason.  As per cancellation schedule below, a portion of your payment can be used as credit for another retreat to be taken within twelve months from original booking. If you would like to transfer your booking to another guest, we would be more than happy to do so. All cancellations and booking transfers must be received in writing via email.

3.2 Cancellation fees –

  • If a guest cancels 90+ days from the start of the booked retreat date, 100% of the payment (less non refundable deposit – $500) can be applied to another retreat to be used within one year from the date of booking.
  • If you cancel 14 days or less before the start of the booked retreat, you will forfeit the full amount of the retreat package price.

 3.3 Exceptions to @theBarre Retreat’s guest cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason. We do not offer any credit for arriving late or departing early, missing activities or not utilising any part of the program. You must submit your signed  participation agreement and liability waiver form within one week of booking or 30 days prior to retreat start date. Guests who fail to do so, may be subject to an automatic cancellation and the above policy will apply.

@theBarre Retreat Cancellation policy

3.4 @theBarre Retreat cancels or changes a scheduled retreat date for any reason, excluding force majeure (see clause 3.6) you may transfer your full payment to another retreat date within 12 month period, pending availability.  @theBarre Retreat is not responsible for any expenses incurred in preparation of the cancelled retreat, i.e. airplane tickets, illness, loss of work etc.

3.5 @theBarre Retreat will not be liable for cancellation, failure of, or delay in performing it’s obligations under this agreement due to force majeure events (Earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flooding, volcanic activity or other natural disasters, or in the case of war, action of foreign enemies, terrorist activities, labor dispute or strike, government sanction, blockage, embargo or epidemic) or if certain conditions present unacceptable danger to the participant.

 Prices and Services

4.1 Prices and services are subject to change. The invoiced price includes the services as stated on the invoice and the booking confirmation connected with that invoice. Any additional agreements will be communicated via written form. @theBarre Retreat reserves the right to change its prices without prior notice.

4.2 @theBarreRetreat reserves the right to change its offer or individually agreed services due to extraordinary circumstances s (e.g. external forces, governmental regulations, delays of third parties, weather and oceanic conditions, etc.). If any essential contract paragraph is changed, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. The retreat schedule and inclusions can change at any time without notice. The program listed on the website is always applicable.

4.3 @theBarre Retreat reserves the right to change its location due to unforeseen issues (e.g. third party delays or problems, construction, etc.) @theBarre Retreat will ensure the standard be kept the same in all the partnering villas / resorts.

4.4 @theBarre Retreat reserves the right to change or amend this policy at anytime. The current policy is always applicable


Data Use and Protection

The customer agrees that he/she may be photographed and/or filmed during his/her stay and/or activities in connection with the company, and also agrees that the company may use such recordings for promotion and/or advertising purposes without any prior consent. The customer agrees that the company for marketing and market research purposes may use his/her personal data. The company assures that all personal data will be treated confidentially and not be transferred to any third party other than necessary to fulfill the booking or deliver the requested service. The customer can terminate this disclaimer at any time in written form via email. In that case, the personal data and/or footage will not be used for marketing/market research purposes.