information about rewards

You'll automatically receive an opt-in email from Perkville after attending your first class. Sign up and start earning points right away (or click unsubscribe and you'll never receive another notification). NB* Perkville Rewards are only offered to direct studio clients on memberships and packages. We do not offer rewards on already discounted packs.



Perkville integrates directly with Mindbody so each time you attend a class or workshop, you'll automatically earn points. Points can be tracked online here. Once you earn enough points for a reward, simply redeem via Perkville and we will contact you.


Create a Perkville account – make sure you're using the same email account that you signed up at our studio with. You'll earn 25 points just for joining!

How do I earn points?

5 points   for every class attendance
10 points for every private session
20 points just for joining our program
15 points for your birthday..YAY!
50 points for each referral that attends a class                 25 points positive Google review                                         2 points   Facebook check in



What are the rewards?

100 points Bring a friend for free (new clients only)
150 points A free class
500 points 15% off any 10 pack (excluding memberships)
500 points The Barre Studio Tank
700 points A week of FREE classes                                    300 points Grip Socks

How do I get points for referring a friend?

Sign into Perkville, click on the refer a friend link, enter their email address and send. 50 points will be allocated to your account automatically after they have attended their first class.

Facebook posts 

Share the love! Tell your friends what you love about Barre. To earn points, be sure to post via the Perkville website and not your personal Facebook page.