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Saba Frasool

Saba started her dance training at the young age of 5 years old specialising in Jazz, Ballet, Classical Indian, Hip Hop and Latin Ballroom. Her love for dance and theatre inspired her to spend an additional 1 year training Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary with some of the best teachers at New York's Broadway Dance Center.

With over 15 years of professional dance experience in more than 12 dance styles, Saba has appeared in numerous advertisement campaigns, music videos and was a featured dancer in Jackie Chan's, Bleeding Steel. Saba has managed to study, live and work in over 8 countries as a professional dancer including India, Dubai, US, Japan and Spain.

Saba is also a qualified @theBarre, Pilates and Yoga teacher, and is currently completing her Post Graduate studies in Applied Science. 

"I believe dance is an extremely empowering and confidence building sport. I like to see my classes as more of a community space where all my students can feel welcome and connected, as well as get fit and learn a new skill. My half Indian heritage has encouraged me to see dance as a positive celebration of love, life and togetherness. I aim to influence all my students as positively as possible combining my knowledge in Dance, anatomy as a science student and spirituality as a yoga teacher.”