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Perfect My Pilates - 6 week Pilates course

Join physiotherapist Sara Gentin @theBarre for a 6 week course designed to give you an in-depth lesson in how to use Pilates to aid functional movements (aka your body in daily life!). No matter your Pilates experience, this course will allow you to hone and enhance your movement to get the full benefit to your body through expert physiotherapy assessment and understanding your own body.

In no time you’ll feel strong and competent to take on more advanced moves in class with this BEAST program! No, we don’t mean you’ll be an animal, but rather…

WEEK ONE: Breathe

The core to movement is breath. Learning to control breathing helps to regulate the body and the brain for efficiency and fluidity. Through Breath you will learn how to assess situations and respond in a way that conserves energy and allows for execution of efficient movement.

WEEK TWO: Experience movement

Experience movement in all different planes, learn to understand limits, push through them and or work with them when required. The human body is not made to go forward and backwards, but it is made to adapt and move to all different stimuli that its confronted with. Come see how….

WEEK THREE: Assess your movement

Day to day with life’s stressors, we build up tensions whether we like it or not. When training and competing, these tensions become more significant. It can be anything from clenching your teeth to over gripping your toes into the ground. Assessing your body, to become aware of these tensions and release them is significant to better performance in all your endeavours especially @theBarre classes.

WEEK FOUR: Stabilise

Through a combination of modalities we learn the importance of our stabilising muscles. These muscles are what help hold us up tall, improve our posture and prevent injuries that are preventable. These are the skills that help give you an advantage over the rest.


Understanding what you do and being able to perfect technique is the key to self improvement. You will learn to becoming a better athlete by listening, applying and finding new ideas to keep creating changes that keep your body working to the best of its ability through pain free backs and necks in challenging workouts.

WEEK SIX: Combine

Now that you’ve tackled the BEAST, this class will focus on Pilates style movement - putting everything together! ARE YOU READY?


This 6 week course runs at two seperate times for your convenience:

Wednesday 10.30am - 11.30am - starts February 13, 2019, presented by Sara Gentin


Wednesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm - starts February 13, 2019, presented by Sara Gentin

Please note: You are booking for only one of these sessions and must attend consistently for the 6 weeks at that time slot. You cannot interchange or make up sessions by attending the other time slot as we have only 12 spaces in each.


@thBarre Rose Bay studio, Suite 5, 716 New South Head Road, Rose Bay.


$180 per person for 6 weeks

Unlimited Membership and 2x Weekly Memberships receive 10% off. Please contact us for your discount code.

We regret that the course payment is unable to be refunded, exchanged, or transferred to another member.

BOOK NOW, don’t delay! We have limited each session to 12 spots. We anticipate this course will sell out!


Sara has always had a keen interest in movement and training, competing at high levels in swimming, iron women and triathlon. This passion carries over to her work as a physiotherapist. She completed her Physiotherapy degree at the Australian Catholic University in 2014. Since graduating she works as a strength and conditioning coach and in private practice focusing on human biomechanics and rehabilitation. Working with highly regarded physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons and doctors, Sara treats patients of all ages for conditions such as post-surgery rehabilitation, repetitive strain injuries to acute lower back injuries, and returning to sport specific training.

Sara is Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Australian Strength and Conditioning Level 1 qualified, and uses this understanding to help treat patients, specifically for sport specific injury prevention. She has also undertaken her Dry Needling Level 1 qualification and Functional Neurology course and is currently studying a Masters of Pediatric Physiotherapy.

Through her own experience with injury, Sara knows the importance of not only fixing the source of the problem but figuring out the cause to enhance performance and avoid reoccurrence. She does this through physiotherapy assessment, movement and strength and conditioning corrective rehabilitation and sport specific strategies to maintain a healthy life, “to move, look, perform and feel better!”

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